29th issue of KEYI MAGAZINE

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- the kyiv brand PODYH - the collection dedicated to the modernist architecture of it’s hometown

- Fashion editorial “étrange” by Marcel Nestler

- Personal photostory “blessing day” by riccardo sirica

- Talk with Paramida by Fraser Bonar & photos by Lucas Christiansen

- Fashion editorial “showa” by Yihan Shao

- Cover story: meet with Dax J - interviewed by Fraser Bonar & photos by Keyi Studio

- Photography series “a subversive move against time” by Artem Nadyozhin

- Meet: Hachulla - interviewed by Hazel Rycraft & artworks by Andreas Hachulla

- Cover story: meet with Rebekah - interviewed by Artur Wojtczak & photos by Keyi Studio

- Fashion editorial “tina” by Sofia Beron

- Cover story: WTK by W. Tokarzewska - interviewed by Keyi Studio & photos by Magdalena Czajka-cardoso

- Allqaraña – photo story under creative direction by Carla Reyes & photographer Ja Gonzales

- Bright Moments arts organization in Kraftwerk - Berlin’s iconic former power plant

- Fashion editorial “punk’d” by marta petrucci

- Fashion collection “perspectiversial” by Laurin Schuler

- Cover story: meet with Underground Youth - interviewed by Natalia Martynek & photos by Keyi Studio

- photostory “peep in the crowds of tokyo” by photographer Taito & stylist Miki Toyokawa

- Fashion editorial “wicked” by photographer: Gabrielle Riouah

- Fashion editorial “euphoria/love 4ever” by Tina Dubovsky

- Introducing: prana - a self-portrait artist who uses shooting to cope with a chronic pain condition