24th issue of KEYI MAGAZINE

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- Fashion editorial “why so serious” by Grzegorz Bacinski & Izabella Chrobok

- Interview with Dr.Rubinstein by Chloe Lula & photos by Keyi Studio

- Fashion editorial “party for girls” by Novikova Irina

- Fashion editorial “侠 Xia” by Astrid Ji

- Fashion editorial “two” by Karla Figueroa

- Interview with Anna Eberg photos by Alessandro Casagrande & Ale Poveda 

- Fashion editorial “Ecopack” by DZHUS by Yulia Dahl 

- Interview with SAMEHEADS By Grzegorz Bacinski & Izabella Chrobok

- Film premiere “Je Suis Responsable” by Antonio Labroca + Daniele Parete

- Interview with James Reka By Hazel Rycraft 

- Fashion editorial “Romeo & Juliet” By Lilia Fridman 

- Interview with Ana Casas by Beca Montenegro with photos by Lorena Dominguez   

- Fashion editorial “SPACE COWBOYS” By Joel Ivan Thomas 

- Lookbook “VICIOUS BLACK” By Keyi Studio