28th issue of KEYI MAGAZINE

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- Fashion editorial “STUDIO OBECTRA” by ANTON TAL 

- Interview with BOYS NOIZE by Sabine Röthig & Photos by Keyi Studio

- Fashion editorial “recycle” by Emrah Yağız

- Interview with 999999999 by Fraser Bonar & Photos by by Keyi Studio

- Fashion editorial “ATMAN” by Paula Nietner

- Fashion editorial “see fashion" by Karim Rieg

- Fashion editorial “ketaland” by Ketevan Mamaladze 

- Interview with Kontravoid By Meaghan Donovan photos by Keyi Studio 

- Fashion “retrosepctive" By Grzegorz Bacinski & Izabella Chrobok

- Talk with Christoph Ritter by Beca Montenegro 

- Photography series “alice” By Alice Karin 

- Meet with "SHAO" By Micheal Aniser photos by Keyi Studio 

- Lookbook “Misassembled” with Alexandra by Grzegorz Bacinski & Izabella chrobok

- Lookbook “dzhus” By Alexey Ponomarev   

- Fashion editorial “80s poster imaginery" By Keyi Studio